21- 3/8" W x 29" D x 56.75" H

25ºC to 125ºC <15 minutes

125ºC to 35ºC < 15 minutes


​​​​​​Test Chamber Solutions

​Custom Environmental Chamber - Manufacturer  - Reach In 

Dimension (Work Space)

Control Accuracy

Power Options

Heat Dissipation (Max. @35º C to 125ºC)

+/- 1.1 ºC as measured by control thermocouple after stablization

Temperature Range

High Power Burn In Oven

15KW nichrome, open coil elements

Performance ( Empty Chamber)

High temp refrigeration, water cooled, R404A, DX coil


24 Cubic Feet

Custom  ENVIRONMENTAL Test Chambers Manufacturer 


Dimensions (Outside)

3700 CFM

Air Flow (Horizontal across workspace)

53" W x 52" D x 90" H

15,000 watts


Heating System

25ºC to 200ºC

Cooling System

208/230/460 VAC/3PH/60HZ

Standard Features

Single compartment, horizontal air flow  work space.

16 gauge, 304 stainless steel interior.

16 gauge, cold rolled steel exterior with textured, polyurethane paint.

Front opening door with right hand swing and 2" radius corners.

Built in driver board cabinet, air cooled sized for 2KW heat dissipation.

Removable back wall for feed thru installation.

Swivel castors set so the bottom of the chamber will be 2" above the floor.

Adjustable leveling feet.

All electrical components are mounted in a built in enclosure on an insert panel.

The electrical system is designed to comply with NEC NFPA 70 standards.

Single PID loop, programmer/controller with EIA-232/485 interface.

Digital high limit safety.

Redundant mechanical high limit safety.

EPO switch on front and rear panels.


Instrument upgrade. (full color touch panel HMI)

Multi Color light tower.

Inert environment, GN2/Argon purge system.

Product safety interconnect (will shut off product power when high limit set point is reached.