Custom chamber design and manufacturing.

Control systems design and power panel assembly.

Refrigeration systems design and integration.

3D CAD design and modeling.

Turnkey Solutions from concept to installation and start up.


​  Environmental Test Chambers

Test Chamber Solutions, Inc.  Environmental Chambers

Test Chamber Solutions, Inc. is an environmental chamber manufacturer.  We use only the finest quality components in our innovative designs that result in a precise and reliable test chamber that will meet or exceed your expectations. Environmental chamber manufacturer

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Environmental Rooms 

ESS Chambers 

Temperature / Humidity Chambers 

Environmental Test Chambers

Industrial Machinery

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Stability Chambers

Industrial Ovens

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CO2 / LN2 Chambers

Conditioning Modules

Thermal Simulation Chambers 

​Laminar Airflow Systems

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Integrated Solution Design

Product Training and Consultation

Custom Concept Design

Spare and Replacement Parts Supply

Control System Design and Retrofit

Chamber Refurbishing

For Maintenance, Repair, and Calibration contact our subsidiary Thermaxx Mechanical

Environmental Chambers

Walk-in Rooms

Temperature / Humidity Chambers

Stability Rooms

High Performance Cooling Systems
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HP Burn in Ovens


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